Tight security around Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been admitted to Mumbai Seven Hills Hospital and unprecedented security arrangements was provided to the Bachchan Bahurani. The entire fifith floor of the hospital was booked for their family members.

“There will unprecedented security at the hospital. The entire floor and the floor below that will be made inaccessible without a valid pass. Also, there will be special passes created for only the senior most medical staff of the hospital for accessing the floor where Aishwarya will be in,” says a source connected to the Seven Hills hospital.

“There are two gates leading to the hospital and a big car park which separates it from the road. The back gate which is mostly closed will be used by the Bachchan family to enter the hospital. The hospital has now built a small enclosure (perhaps for press updates) and also to post security guards,” says a source.

Ever since it was declared that Ash will be delivered at Mumbai Seven Hills hospital, the hospital came into sudden spotlight. The first and second floor of the hospital is kept open for press and public.“We can’t give you access to the fifth floor but you can see how the hospital is like on the first floor and the ground floor,” says a spokesperson.

Aishwarya’s delivery is due anytime and the entire Bachchan family is waiting with bated breathe to welcome the new comer.