Tibetans appeal Aamir to boycott Olympics march

Aamir Khan promotes Olympics in IndiaThere has been lots of protest going on all over for boycotting Olympics in Beijing. Olympics flame will reach India in April. In India, Aamir Khan has been declared as the official Beijing Olympics torchbearer. Tibetans and the Chinese government are in truce and Tibetans are making all effort to boycott Olympics all over. Tibetans living in exile in India appealed Aamir Khan not to carry the Olympic torch.

The Tibetans in India are dead against marching with the Olympics mashal across India. In protest against the Olympics flame, Tibetan Youth Congress will hold a parallel torch relays at all places where the Olympic flame will be taken.

The torch will travel 137,000 Km. India will soon get to witness the Olympic Torch as it travels great distances spanning cities reaching 5 of the Earth’s continents. The theme of the torch relay is ‘Journey of Harmony’ and the slogan is ‘Light the Passion, Share the Dream’.