The Tale of the Dynasties that reigned Bollywood

“Bollywood”, the word immediately reminds us, about, entertainment, dream, colours, art and aspirants. It is the land of opportunities for all aspiring actors, writers, singers and any creative soul.  If you have talent, a thirst to perform best and willing to give your best, this is the right place for you. Over the years creative people have proved this idea, and have grown with the industry ever since it was born. Some talents like Guru Dutt, Vijay Anand, Prithviraj Kapoor has contributed in establishing of the creative entertainment industry. Others continued, like, Vinod Khanna, Jitendra, Shahrukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit to name a few. Thus we have actors both coming from strong family background like Rishi Kapoor or Junior Bachchan, and we also have stars like Sharmila Tagor and Priyanka Chopra who entered the Bolly world and established themselves as great actors. Inspite of talents and opportunities Bollywood is more comfortable to work with the new comers from already established Families than working with new talents without any reference. It is here, we now would like to introduce you to the first families of the Bollywood industry who have been appreciated for their great work and contribution over the years.

The Bachchans
The Bachchans










Media has always tagged The Bachchans as the First Family of the Indian entertainment industry. Yes it is fact that Bachchans do not have a huge number of stars in their family tree. They came into fame with Amitabh Bachchan  and his greatest hits over the decades has helped him in becoming one of the most celebrated talent all over the world. Famous actor Jaya Bhadhuri married and joined the Bachchan family and Junior Bachchan, Avishek was born. Avishek then tied knot with the then reigning Queen of Bollywood, Aishwarya Rai and claimed fame. There is now a buss in the market that Avi – Ash will very soon become three and thus a new member in this family will be introduced.  Bachchans were always loved and their performance has no limit in the contribution to the industry. Thus, without a doubt and with no failures, The Bachchan Family is the number 1 family in the Bollywood’s tatle of the dynasty dominance.

The Kapoors

There is a forever controversy on Kapoors and Bachchans. Often it is said that Kapoors have more number of actors hence they are the first family. Keeping the controversies aside, long back actor Prithviraj Kapoor joined the entertainment industry and claimed instant fame. After his successful career his sons Raj Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor continued and ruled the industry for ages. Whenever we talk about film making and Indian cinemas of international standard, we always go back to RK movies especially to those which were crafted by Raj Kapoor. After Raj Kapoor, his sons Randhir, Rishi and Rajiv took over, but except Rishi, the others failed miserably. Rishi Kapoor remained the most successful Kapoor in the industry. After them, today we have, Karishma, Kareena and Ranbir who continued doing great work and are recognised as the stunning and hottest stars of the industry.

The Roshans
The Roshans











Like Kapoors, the Roshans have also contributed in establishing the hindi film industry of India.  Music diector Roshan Lal Nagrah was highly respected for his unforgettable compositions in films like, “ Barsaat Ki Raat” and “ Taj Mahal”. Later, his sons Rakesh and Rajesh Roshan stepped in the industry. Rakesh joined acting but Rajesh Roshan continued music direction. Both of them were successful in their career. After Rakesh Roshan his son Hritik joined the industry with Kaho Na Pyaar Hai and became one of the favourite and all time successful actors of Indian cinema.

The Deols
The Deols











Like Bachchans, the Deol dynasty was initiated by the phantom of Indian cinema, the actor Dharmendra. Dharmendra was the greatest actor of all time. He has successfully given some of the evergreen films of hindi film industry. After him his sons and daughters, Sunny, Bobby and Esha have also remained highly appreciated stars of the industry. But last but not the least their mother the Bollywood’s original dream girl, Hemamalini, was the most successful in the family. Even today when she come on screen, she just mesmerises her audience with her performance.

The Mukherjees

Title “Mukherjees” immediately remind us of Rani Mukherjee and her father Ram Mukherjee only. But as we delve a little more, we get a huge family tree of never ending talents. It was Sha Mukherjee who founded the Filmistan studio in Bombay.  Later his sons, the 60’s actor Joy Mukherjee and writer/ director Shomu Mukherjee were appreciated for their work. Famous actor Tanuja then married the director/ producer Shomu Mukherjee. They then had the best actors of the industry, Kajol and her cousin Rani. Kajol and Rani were the best actors Bollywood has ever produced.


Apart from the above mentioned few, there are other renowned families in Bollywood who have also contributed immensely and have performed well, like, The Khans, The Anands, The Chopras, The Barjatyas to name a few. With time there will be more to come and many to be remembered. Bollywood has always been the best place to work and will always be thronged with quality people. Great people will always be remembered for their great works of art.

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