The perfect Zeenat

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The moment Farhan declared intentions of re-making the magnum opus, feelers flooded in for the role of female lead. If Javed Akhtar's Don had the Badshah of 70's play the diabolical character, it was the shehenshah of the 90s, Shahrukh Khan, who is going to kiss guns this time around. A cult was being re-created, by hotshot director Farhan Akhtar and it had Bollywood's superstar, Shahrukh Khan, a project that most actresses would give their right arm for!
Farhan forks it up...

“I actually wanted Hrithik for Don” Farhan startles us with his words. “Hold on” he assures, looking at question marks hanging from our face. “This was when I was just out of Lakshya and we had hit it off fabulously. But then when I slept it over, I felt that role needed someone maturer, a face that had seen the world and roughed it out. Hrithik's innocence overstepped 2 points for the role” Farhan polishes some Parsi humor.

What SRK thinks of Don?

“I personally enjoyed Mr.Bachchan best in Don. I have grown up on AB's film and have always wanted to look the way he did. To smoke a cigar the way he did, to walk like he did. I am thrilled that Farhan is remaking Don. But like Devdas, this too will be my interpretation of Don. To act like Mr.Bachchan did & be paid for it! Do I love my job or what?” chuckles SRK.

The Heroine Hungama

“Yes, Sushmita was a choice but unlike what reports say, I never really met her nor did I talk to her about it. But I do agree that she has the aura that Zeenat aunty gave the character of Roma. But Priyanka appealed to me a great deal too. There is a docile sensuality about her which suits the character. Also, the SRK-Priyanka pair is a first on screen. That excited me a hell lot!” he says, perking up.

“How do I put it? Hmm...there is a certain reserve about Sushmita...argh…something about her personality that wasn't dot-on for Roma, and that very something I found in Priyanka! The moment I decided that she was it, I talked it up with her. Priyanka was very positive and immediately okayed the offer. That's how she came on board” Farhan explains.

So no bad blood between the two actresses, we ask. After all, the Sush-SRK pair had given the biggest hit of 2004. And Sush even went on record saying that, 'SRK was a wonderful moment. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the man'. Farhan brings a doubtful expression on his face, “It wasn't like I promised Sush the role and then suddenly yanked it away for Priyanka. Nothing so dramatic happened; I don't indulge in such underhand business. As a director I wanted Priyanka for the role and I have her. Period” he trails off.

Sushmita gone, Priyanka on.

We are sure Priyanka will be very happy with this mighty offer in her kitty. Not only is the project super-exciting, she gets to star with her favorite actor, the Badshah himself. If this isn't good enough, we wonder what is. Meanwhile Sushmita, we suggest just hang in there. Bollywood has run dry off scripts; classics are being revisited every hour. It shouldn't be long before you moonlight a magnum opus.

Farha Khan once remarked, “If an Opera were to be ever made, I can see Sushmita coming out of it like a Phoenix!'

Courtesy: India FM