The onscreen couples awaited eagerly by all & sundry

While some onscreen pairs are fervently accepted; there are those which fail to create the punch. It is just the issue of gelling chemistry. With chemical bonding coming into play, it is the issue that some onscreen pairs are able to rock and rollick, when filmed together in unison of common bonding. Here is a look at those which are most sought after by the film going public of Bollywood.

Shahid & Kareena

They were coo-cooing lovers once upon a while. Having parted ways with one another, it may take quite a thing getting them back onscreen. But it is needless saying how the lovelorn pair shimmered and scintillated the tinsel town with their vibrant blend of spontaneity & chirpiness. The romantic drama of ‘Jab we met’ is a sheer testament to the lovelorn bonding.

Akshay & Priyanka










Together they oozed oodles of passion and that of fire. At least, ‘Aitraaz’ testifies to this passionate bonding. But with the real life better half of Akshay Kumar feeling insecured, the passionately charming onscreen couple had to part ways. It is highly unlikely that the couple will be seen together once again in the recent future.

Aamir & Sallu miyan
Aamir and Salman Khan

In ‘Andaaz Apna Apna’, they rocked, reveled and rollicked charming their ways to the perked up viewers. The sequel to the comic strip featuring the onscreen camaraderie of the gelling Khans is eagerly awaited. But with strange ways of things and Bollywood, it is a question when the comical buddies will be shot and filmed for the cine loving audience.

Salman & Aish
Salman and Aishwarya

The stunning couple could breathe fire with their onscreen ways. But then twists and turns of human life pitched in with its interfering bit to draw them apart from you and me. It is almost impossibility that the ex-flame of Aish Bachchan will be seen sharing screen space with the much revered Bachchan bahu. Though it is a matter of professional commitment, but is a million dollars worth of money and effort making things highly improbable between the lovelorn pair.

Big B & Rekha
Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha

If the former pair of Bachchan bahu and her previous love could breathe oodles of fire onto the tinsel screen, the mesmerizing duo of Rekha & her former flame are still reasons enough to blaze and scorch even after outliving their peak of prime. But it’s again a question worth several million dollars as to which filmmaker will be daring enough to make the sultry twosome share screen ways.