The Nawab & his adventurous ways

Saif Ali KhanLife may neither be a midsummer night’s dream, nor a bed of roses. But there is yet another option you can take it as you like it. Again the latest category includes a certain section of people, while there are others who needn’t take it as they like it. Saif Ali Khan- a star adorning Bollywood’s horizon probably belongs to the latest category- where people are prone to taking life as they like it.

1. Mischievously funny with birds and animals

The most recent Nawab of Pataudi might have had a long way to unravel in Bollywood. But there is little need in saying that he not only went according to his chosen whims, but also served himself at the sheer focal point of gossip journalism and scandal mongering. Having spent his life in regal luxury, Saif was known for his mischievous ways with household animals.

2. Marriage to Amrita- 1991

 But during his filmy career, Saif hit headlines with his marriage to Amrita Singh- Amrita Singh was not only senior to him, but exceeded him by a difference of twelve years. There were reasons social and moral to raise eyebrows and arouse conjecture. Ironically, the marital tie went on to last for a good numbers of twelve years before Saif parted ways in order to provide cozy companionship to Rosa Castilino- a fashion model from Italy.

3. Deals with journalist-1994

Way back in 1994- Saif and his then better half ensured that a certain assistant editor of a filmy magazine was knocked some sense into. The magazine had given vent to scandalous gossip about Amrita’s dalliance with Big B. After much publicity and high pitched accusation about Saif’s trying to influence the police, the matter came to an amicable settlement.

4. Went into blows with Ashok Rai-1995

Ashok Rai Kavi – a leading supporter of homosexuality was reason enough to provoke the Nawab’s ire. He had something not so nice to say about Sharmila Tagore- Saif’s mother. The offence was good enough to have him beaten up. Eventually, the case reached an amicable settlement with Saif’s apology.

5. Put the endangered species to danger 1999

The year 1999 saw Saif draw headlines by hunting endangered species of black backs. While Salman similarly accused had himself convicted, Saif knew the route to flee.

6. Divorced Amrita

 In 2004, the proverbial Nawab in all his celestial glory chose to dump Amrita. But the reason responsible for his dumping wasn’t there to last either.

7. Sudden news of hospitalization-2008

Following his deals with a photo journalist, who again was ordered to be beaten up, Saif, had the rumor mill rolling with the news of hospitalization following chest pain.

8. Came to blows in a posh restaurant of Japan

The latest piece of Snippet surrounding the adventurous Nawab relates to another spell of knocks and blows- where Saif had a man named Wasabi beaten up.