The King, the Knight Riders and the Knight

The former Indian cricket captain Saurav Ganguly is magnificently playing the role of the Greek tragic hero once again. It seems, the cricketer is type casted in the role and the people both love and hate to see him in the position. Saurav Ganguly who is lovingly nick named as Dada, has been with the Knight Rider cricket team for the past three years, since the club’s inauguration and often played the role of the Knight in shining armour, for his beloved club. It seems the club has forgotten the past.

The mentor of the club, Knight Rider; is our very own King Khan of Bollywood. Shah Rukh Khan is the major stake holder of the club. The failure of the team to reach the semi final of the consecutive three editions of the IPL triggered the rethinking of the team as per the officials. Contrary to logic, Ganguly was the highest run getter for his team in the season three of IPL. Amazingly, shocking the entire cricketing world, Dada was never sold at the auction. None of the clubs showed any interest to the most successful captain of the Indian cricket history.

It seems, Dada will have to put up his jersey for the Knight Riders. Shah Rukh Khan remained silent about the whole incident initially. The officials of the club tried to save faces, stating that the elimination of Ganguly was done to infuse new blood in the team and to create a combination that can win. On farther probing the officials retorted back that even if they have made a blunder by not selecting Ganguly, none of the other franchisees have also shown any interest on the former national player.

The uproar to the elimination of Dada from the Kolkata club was huge and the negative reactions to the decision started pouring in. The internet communities have even formed clubs to boycott Shah Rukh Khan and to fight against the injustice meted out to Saurav. In general the mood against the management of the Kolkata club was from disappointed to angry. As the media started reporting about the negative impact of the job done, Shah Rukh Khan broke his silence and started the damage control. He stated that Saurav is a good friend of his and he respects the man. King Khan hopes that even Ganguly will be happy with decisions that are taken to improve the performance of the Knight Riders.

It seemed that the controversy was settling down and Ganguly will finally accept retirement or be happy with his matches in Ranji. But Saurav has proven on numerous occasions that he is a fighter, and his recent comments to the media proves that the former Indian captain haven’t accepted all that has happened in the past few days. Saurav stating that he could have avoided lots of unpleasantaries if he was politically savvy; has opened the box of rumors.