The Fascinating Fashion Trends of current Bollywood

John AbrahamToday, in magnificent world of Hollywood fashion, ravishing signature clothing line has becoming not only inspiring but also gracefully crafted and perfectly tuned for film stars. Whether it is Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Britney Spears of even Eminem, all these international celebrities have acquired this innovative kind of fashion and it is inevitable that Indian film stars have not remained behind. Their presence was grandly acknowledged in exclusive endorsement of elegant brands of clothes as well as launching of clothing stores. This ensures their increasing integration with fashion wear at its prime stage of sketching.   

However, John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan top the list for availing their personal touch and exploring fashion collections of signature. John and Hrithik have graciously tied up with Wrangler and ITC respectively. John's involvement is terrific. He provides small note that tucks out from inside pockets indicating his personal comments on design, style as well as looks of the wardrobe. Hrithik's integration with John Player of ITC initiated as an endorsement for brand but eventually it has taken a personal turn.  ITC's Atul Chand mentioned that Hrithik's association is a win-win situation for both. It brings personality of brand into life and at same time it is an establishment of star's style statement.

Moreover, Fardeen Khan, brand ambassador of Provogue is all set to launch his favourite line. Milind Soman is also working with Mahdu Jain one of the popular designers of India to revive Kashmir's handicraft. Malaika Arora is turning down innumerable offers to sign up as a brand ambassador due to her intense desire of initializing clothing line of hers. Samita Bangargi a model-actor says that today the rate at which fashion and showbiz are moving hand in hand is amazing.  She was involved in business of clothes after she was offered a proposal to design Jeans brand. At present she has launched her own ethnic brand.

It is proved that synergy formed between film stars and fashion trend is bound to increase much folds. As depicted by earlier reports, brand cameos have earned around whooping figure of Rs. 800 million which have impelled small as well as medium budget movies to magnify it further. As a result this year the figure has reached to Rs. 2 billion and is expected to reach Rs. 8 billion in 2010.

In 2010, Farhan Akhtar's, superhit Shahrukh Khan starrer movie `Don' could successfully tie-up with Louis Philippe which is an international brand for men's wear in addition to other popular brands like Tag Heuer watches, Motorola, Citibank, Oakley sunglasses etc. There are also similar list of brands connected with Rakesh Roshan's `Krrish'. With Bollywood turning to incorporate effective dance scenes and melodramas in storylines that are gritty, the actors are getting sported with more real looks.

Nevertheless, perfectionism drive in Aamir Khan to look natural is outstanding with his weight gain in `Mangal Pandey' and losing many kilos to look an optimal college student for `Rang De Basanti'. Similarly Abhishek Bachchan had grown his hair long for `Jhoom Barabar Jhoom' and `Drona' avoiding fake wigs.