The dimpled darlings of Bollywood

Undoubtedly Bollywood is the epitome of all glamour and desire. Some of the Bollywood glamour queens being naturally blessed with dimples have used all their looks to the fullest. Being a dimpled darling in Bollywood not only adds to one’s following, desirability and popularity but also succeeds in keeping one in the minds of the directors for the characters in their films. The beauties in the tinsel town have always been distinguished for their charming appearances in Bollywood since eternity. Enlisted below are some of the top ladies in the business who sport their dimples in style.

Kulraj Randhwana

This starry eyed newcomer is hard to overlook for her immensely attractive and amiable screen presence. Kulraj effortlessly flaunted her beautiful dimples to perfection in the recently released “Chaar Din Ki Chaandni” to facilitate the requirements of a chirpy and bubbly screen character. Her magical smile was enhanced by her perfectly placed dimples which resulted in a perfectly magnificent film performance.

Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta

Preity has been long known for her delectable screen presence and unmatched acting.  She is also famed worldwide for her dream like elegance and a perfectly wonderful face. Priety’s looks have always been in the hearts and minds of both her directors and audience for her gorgeously dimpled face. Priety’s dimples are also the reason why she was probably offered vivacious roles in her films alongside her stunning acting skills.

Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone

Lately Deepika has been having a craze for herself in the glamour industry. Surely this young wonder has been able to achieve milestones in her acting career in a very short span of time. Deepika who is easily one of the most sought after stars in Bollywood is known for both her command over acting as well as he r glorious looks. She too is gifted with a spectacular pair of dimples. The perfectly positioned dimples add a wonderfully innocent charm in her face which works wonders with every look of hers.

Prachi Desai
Prachi Desai

The cute-faced Prachi Desai is the heartthrob of numerous. The stunning actress who played a major role in the film named Rock On doesn’t seem to have anything more interesting in her career graph except “Once upon a time in Mumbai”. However, Prachi has never failed to please the shutterbugs with her scintillating smile and dazzling persona which are invincibly enhanced by her incredible dimples.

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