The curious case of Rani- Aditya Chopra

In her prime, Rani Mukherjee was one of the most talented and beloved ladies of Bollywood. But even her most ardent fans were surprised by the nature of her personal life. She married Aditya Chopra last April in a low key affair in Italy. But before that for years they denied their relationship and never spoke about it in public. This still remains one of the most enigmatic Bollywood affairs ever.

Aditya Chopra was actually married before he met Rani. His 2001 marriage with Payal Malhotra was not a successful one although his parents supported their match. The marriage finally dissolved in 2009. Rani and Aditya actually met for professional purposes. She did several films with Aditya’s home production Yash Raj Films (YRF) and some of them were really successful. What began as a working relationship slowly turned into friendship. 

There was a time when YRF was making films keeping Rani in mind. By 2009, she had gained importance in Aditya’s life and even began to help him with business. Slowly rumors began to spread about them. But Rani and Aditya never spoke about their relationship to the media. They were rarely seen together in public but nonetheless Rani began spending much time with his family.  She was especially fond of Aditya’s father the late Yash Chopra. Once she was seen with a diamond ring in her finger and since then on several occasions rumors have circulated that they have secretly married.

Rani once said to the media, "The media can't even decide which year the wedding took place. Was it 2007, or 2009, or 2012? Let them (media) make up their mind first." Once during an interview on a popular TV show, she was asked whether she was already married to Aditya Chopra. Rani denied the rumors and said her marriage is in God’s hands, "My name has been linked with several people, but upar waala (god) will decide who will become my life partner".  In 2012 on a rare occurrence Rani was seen returning with Aditya and his family from a vacation. Though they were not clicked together, it was enough for the media to start speculating again.  However the marriage rumors got big support when in 2013, actor Shatrughan Sinha referred to Rani as ‘Rani Chopra’. 

 Their actual marriage was a bit anti climatic as it happened very suddenly.  Rather unexpectedly YRF released an official statement, "We are happy to announce that Mr. Aditya Chopra and Ms. Rani Mukerji got married last night on 21st April in Italy. The wedding was a very small intimate affair with very close family and friends". Thankfully this love story had a happy ending just like a Yash Chopra film.