‘The boss of the house is Shilpa’, quotes Raj

Businessman Raj Kundra and Bollywood actress Raj Kundra is leading a blissful life post marriage. Both are at the best period of their life and enjoying life to the fullest. Apart from a businesswoman, Shilpa Shetty is also playing the role of a homemaker with utter perfection. In managing home affairs, she is superb and all the praises are coming from none other then her dearest husband Raj Kundra. Raj has no qualm in admitting that his wife Shilpa is the undisputed boss at home.

"The boss of the house is the home minister, Shilpa," Raj says.

Shilpa immediately responded, "If Raj says so then of course I am the boss. One needs to let the household affairs progress under the wise guidance of the lady of the house," laughs the actress.

Raj adds: "Life after marriage has been wonderful! I'm at the zenith of enjoying every bit of life. No regrets whatsoever. Until we have children, we will enjoy life to the fullest, as responsibilities will increase after we have kids." "I have always experienced wonders while in relationships. At this stage too, I am having a wonderful experience. I just love it," Shilpa concludes.

Shilpa and Raj is again back with the back of the IPL. They have also recently launched a Royalty club.