Teaser trailer of RGV’s ‘Bhoot Returns’ released

A CCTV camera shows a paranormal l activity. Yes, something is moving across. We don’t know what? RGV seems to be returning with a bang. The teaser trailer of ‘Bhoot Returns’ has garnered enough interest. The movie is a sequel to his earlier movie ‘Bhoot’, released in 2003.

The 54 seconds trailer shows the movement of some object across the screen. At the end a sweet little girl is introduced. But she doesn’t look so innocent. Blood seems to be dripping from her lips. Her face looks terrifying, which has four eyes and two noses.

It obviously comes to the mind, why does Ramu detest children so much? In his earlier movies too, like ‘Phoonk’, we have seen him depicting children in bad light. Like the messengers of evil or bad omen. Revealing on that Varma had told to Deccan Chronicle in August, “I don’t detest children. I just say that it is a myth that they are innocent. Ever since I was conscious as a kid, I hated my mother for forcing me to do homework. I stole money from my father’s pocket. And I wished some big man would die so that there would be a day off at school. So from my personal knowledge, this is proof of what kind of criminal-minded rascals children really are.”

From being termed a psychopath to an underworld don, Varma has faced it all. Thought his recent movies, like ‘Department’ were pathetic, that hasn’t stopped him in his endeavor of making movies.

The movie will also see the comeback of yesteryears star Manisha Koirala. The Eros International production will also see JD Chakravarthy after a long time. He was the protagonist in Varma’s film ‘Satya’.

Earlier the movie had cited some controversy with the title. After the earlier movie Bhoot became a success, Nitin Manmohan, the producer of that movie, registered the title ‘Bhoot 2’ for the sequel. At that time Nitin and Ram Gopal Varma shared a good rapport. But gradually they parted ways. Later Nitin wanted to make the Bhoot 2 with Vikram Bhatt as director. Vikram however refused as Varma had not been consulted for that.

When RGV was ready with the script with Eros as producers, Nitin refused to give away the title. Hence Varma changed the title to ‘Bhoot Returns’.

The movie is set to releases on October 12, 2012. Hope it helps resurrect Ram Gopal Varma’s sagging career.