Tara Sharma confirms Ness-Preity’s brawl

Tara Sharma, the hospitality manager of actor Preity Zinta for IPL matches was interrogated by Marine Drive police in relation to Preity Zinta’s molestation case and she confirms the spat between businessman Ness Wadia and Bollywood actress Preity Zinta.

She argued that Ness Wadia shouted at her before arguing with Zinta at the Wankhede Stadium in May. The argument was in relation to seat distribution and later Tara was heard discussing with many individuals in the ground and at the corporate box. "The entire argument was over the distribution of seats," she told police.

Preity Zinta accused Wadia, of molestation, threat and abuse during a match. Tara told the police that she saw Zinta and Wadia arguing at three places — at the corporate box, near the seats and on the ground. "She has affirmed several of Zinta's allegations," said a senior police officer who is part of the investigation.

Describing Tara as a "neutral witness", a senior police officer said: "She distributed tickets to both Zinta and Wadia. However, Wadia's guests came late and by then some of his seats were being occupied by others. This was the reason for the argument. Tara told us Wadia first shouted at her for not having vacant seats for him and his family."

Police asked Tara if Zinta was molested by Wadia, a senior officer said: "Wadia dragged her and she felt molested."

Tara was in charge of distributing the tickets to the owners and their friends and family. "Her statement is very important for the case. She is the one who knew exactly about the ticket distribution," said the officer. Police has interrogated dozen witnesses in Preity-Ness case.

However, Wadia on Wednesday submitted a letter to the police stating that Preity’s complaint was false and totally baseless and he has also given nine witnesses name from his side "We have summoned some of the nine witnesses and they may come by Friday night or Saturday evening. We have to see what they say before we summon Wadia for questioning," the officer said.