Tajdar Amrohi hits back at Preity Zinta over 2 cr claim

Bollywood actress Preity Zinta and late filmmaker Shandaar Amrohi’s legal heir case dates long back and now the actress two years after the legal dispute has slapped a case of 2 crore compensation on Tajdar Amrohi. Preity claimed that she has spend nearly 2 crore on sorting out their property dispute and now she wants the money that she has spend on settling this legal issue two years back.  She has filed a lawsuit in the Mumbai High Court. Shaandar Amrohi's brother Tajdar lashes out at Preity for ignoring their family.

Disclosing the mater, Tajdar says, "Prior to his death my brother's ego was so large that he decided to pay an income tax of Rs 6.5 crores. Where was Preity at that time? She could've easily told my brother to clear her alleged debts which she is now claiming from us. Why are we liable to pay her? What happened between Shandaar and Preity was between them. Where do we come into this?"

Tajdar lashes out at the actress politely, he said, "Why has she woken up to her claims now, 2 and a half years after my brother's death? If she felt my brother owed her money why didn't she ask him for it? After all, my brother treated Preity like a daughter and in fact wanted to write away our property to her. Preity has shown great grace by refusing my brother's extra-generous offer. Now suddenly she wants compensation for helping an aging depressed man whom she had offered to help when he was in need."

Tajdar says he is disappointed by Preity. "Throughout the period during which my brother wanted to make her his rightful heir, Preity showed not a trace of greed. Now where did this come from? Kaun sa bhoot unke andar ghus gaya hai?"

Tajdar sarcastically lashes out at Preity saying he rang up Preity for a courtesy call a month ago and to invite her for lunch with his family. "My wife children and I are very fond of her. We had no idea what was cooking inside her head. She told me she would call me back in 5 minutes. A month has passed. Her 5 minutes are not over. Thankfully she didn't say she would call in 10 minutes. My life might have been over before she called back."