Sylvester Styllone not dead, 'Rambo' refuses death hoax

Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone's is the latest to fall victim of death hoax. CNN carried a fabricated news of Sylvester Stalllone's death. It was shared on social media thereby making the fake news viral.

However, later Stallone took to social media to refute the news.

The fans of Rambo around the world saddened to learnt the news of death of their favorite star.

However, Sylvester Stallone rubbishes the rumor with a funny kickass picture with a cheeky smile and boxing pose, proving he is alive and fit as always.

He posted: "With the incredibly powerful unified light heavyweight champion, Sergey Krusher Kovalev...Whatever he hits, he destroys Sergey Kovalev."

Confused with the death hoax, a fans wrote: "Is Sylvester Stallone dead or it was just a hoax? #StalloneDead? (sic)"Fans were confused when the hoax broke, with one writing: "Is Sylvester Stallone dead or it was just a hoax? #StalloneDead? (sic)"

Four years earlier, the star fell victim of death hoax.

Well, fans are delighted to know about his well-being.

Long live Sylvester Stallone!