Suspense continues over Shilpa-Sunny starrer The Man

It seems that The Man starrer Sunny-Shilpa is taking forever to complete. Several times the release of the film directed by Neeraj Pathak has been delayed. According to sources frustrated Shilpa Shetty is not interested in this venture anymore.

For over three years now The Man has been under production. Said to be a remake of The Bodyguard movie is co-directed by Sunny and Neeraj Pathak. When Shilpa Shetty signed on to do an item song for Dostana in early 2008, Sunny had called Karan concerned that his film's prospects would influenced if his leading actress was seen doing an item girl in another film. Sunny requested Karan Johar to postpone the release date. Dostana released in November 2008, The Man is still not able to hit the silver screen.

Sunny made a humble request in 2009, when Shilpa was getting married to postpone her wedding till such time as the film released.   
Shilpa is not interested in giving any more dates for the film as it has been stuck for a long time as report suggests. "This is pure hogwash that I am not giving dates for The Man! I thought maybe the film is not happening as no one from their side has approached me for dates. I am very professional and I will always complete all my films. It's true that am busy with the IPL but I have worked out my diary in such a way that though IPL is my priority I can accommodate my other commitments." Shilpa added.