Sushmita Sen may replace Priyanka in Don 2

Farhan Akhtar and Shahrukh’s Don 2may have had a tough time finding its place on the mantle of bollywood as it was constantly being compared to the original 80’s Don done by Amitabh Bachchan. But this time round the makers may not have anything to worry about as they go about planning the sequel to the new Don. According to sources, a script is currently being worked out and the sequel will definitely star King Khan, Shahrukh. Unfortunately though sources claim the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra may be replaced with the lissome Sushmita Sen as one of the heroines in the film.
Currently though a script and story idea are still being worked out as the makers want to make the sequel to Don as thrilling and intriguing as the first part. Shahrukh is set to be the ultimate Don and will take off from where the story ended in the first part, but the concept and plot will be completely novel. An inside source claims “Talks are still in the early stages, but Sush is definitely one of the names being considered for the film. Sush is in consideration because she fits into the action genre and has the ability to pull off stunts.” The Don sequel will have two different actresses besides SRK once more. Priyanka Chopra though is completely unaware that a sequel is even being planned, she says “I haven’t yet been approached for the film, neither am I aware that a sequel is being planned.”

Well Priyanka may not be seen kicking butt in Don 2, but that didn’t stop her from recently catching up on the action packed Spiderman 3. And pretty Priyanka was catching her flick of the week with none other than Harman Baweja, her ‘good friend’ and co-star of Love Story 2050. According to sources Harman and Priyanka have been seeing each other for quite a while but refuse to admit their relationship in public. Sources say “Priyanka and Harman came in their individual cars and after the film got over they left separately in their respective cars. But they watched the film together and requested for a corner seat to avoid attention. It was quite evident from Harman and Priyanka’s body language that they are certainly more than just good friends.” Priyanka and Harman have been spotted out together on several occasions and Priyanka even stepped into Kareena Kapoor’s shoes when the latter walked out of Harman’s debut production Love Story 2050. However a close friend of he couple claims that both of them are currently concentrating on their respective careers and hence don’t want to talk about their relationship.

As for the sequel to Don, it is in its nascent stage and hence the producers are trying to keep the matter all hushed up, producer of the new Don, Ritesh Sidhwani of Excel Entertainment says “There’s nothing as of now to talk about.” Well we’ll just have to wait and watch.