Sushmita Sen develops a neck pain while shooting for Zindaggi Rocks

Sushmita Sen who plays a rock singer in the film Zindaggi Rocks recently suffered a severe neck pain while shooting on the sets of her film Zindaggi Rocks. Sushmita was vigorously dancing to a song sequence choreographed by Farah Khan when she felt a crick in her neck. The film directed by Tanuja Chandra was being shot at Filmistan Studios. Sushmita Sen is also all set to write her biography and has titled it ‘The Butterfly’. She has been penning the story of her life since a long time but only recently has she decided to publish it.
Sushmita tried to continue shooting in spite of the neck pain that she developed on the sets, but after a while the pain was extremely unbearable and the beautiful actress could no longer continue shooting. Finally Sush had to seek medical help and also had to get a medical scan done. The shoot was finally called off and Sush was advised bed rest for a while. Producer Anurradha Prasad who makes her debut with this film says “Sushmita was shooting for a rock number. During the shoot she suddenly developed a catch in her neck. It was a severe strain and obviously made it difficult to shoot. Her family doctor was immediately called and she was advised rest.”

Recently Sushmita Sen attended the book release of Ira Trivedi titled ‘What would you do To save The World’. Ira Trivedi too is an ex beauty queen and Sushmita Sen too was the holder of the Miss Universe title. At the event both Sush and Ira read excerpts from the book. Unfortunately mid-way during the event, pandemonium and chaos broke out at the store as some media personnel frantically tried to get closer to the actress to click pictures of her. In all this chaos one of the glass doors at the entrance of the bookstore was smashed completely. As soon as the event occurred Sushmita’s bodyguards ushered her out to the safety of her car.

Looking at the consequences when Sush attended the book launch by another beauty queen, we wonder what the results will be when Sush’s own biographical book ‘The Butterfly’ releases. Sush also wants to play the historical figure of Rani Lakshmibai in her own production .