Sushil Kumar Shinde lashes out at Jaya Bachchan

There was a strong debate in the parliament regarding the violence in Assam. Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde answered the questions of the opposition and during the discussion session, he told Samajwadi Party (SP) member and actor Jaya Bachchan that it was "not a filmy issue".

Jaya Bachchan and her party member turned furious on Shinde’s remark and asked an apology from him. On demand of the house, Shinde apologized Jaya Bachchan and said that she is like his sister and that his remark should be omitted.

Trouble brewed when the home minister, who was replying to Assam violence debate, was interrupted by Jaya Bachchan, film actor and MP from Uttar Pradesh.

Asking her to let him complete his reply, Shinde said: "Listen to me, this is not a filmy issue."

An annoyed Bachchan retorted: "I strongly object to this comment."

Jaya Bachchan was backed by opposition leader Arun Jaitley, who wanted the comment to be deleted.

"This is a house where people, who are achievers in a lot of fields, become members. Jayaji is an achiever in her field, the home minister of India cannot use it as a taunt," Jaitley said.

To calm down the uproar in the parliament, Shinde taken back his word saying, "I know her whole family, I respect her a lot. I am also from Mumbai."

Shinde also said that the house should allow him to complete his apply.

The actor-turned-politician refused to appease, "I cannot accept this," Bachchan said.

Shinde then said, "I apologise, she is my sister." He agreed that the remark should be deleted from the records”.