Sunny seduces Arunoday in 'Darta Hoon' song

She has turned up the interest quotient of ‘Jism 2’ among the movie buffs ever since she signed in for this Pooja Bhatt film. Yes she is Sunny Leone (also known as Karen Malhotra). The last to be afflicted is Arunoday Singh, as she sizzles and seduces him to the bed. The makers of the movie have released the latest video on the net. The song is “Darta Hoon (Adhoora)” sung by Rushk.

The song starts with Arunoday, looking like Mr. Bean, is enjoying his drink in a Night Club. Sunny enters and grooves with couple of men and women, all the time luring Arunoday with her moves and stares. Leads him upstairs and has a romantic moment with him. The genre of the song has a metal feel, starting with an electric guitar riff, gradually building the anticipation. It then has a lingering tempo and then soothes down, creating the intimate magic feel along with the video

With her sexy sensuous appeal in all the song’s so far released, the adult movie actress looks all set to trail a blaze with this song too.  Pooja Bhatt has roped in a plethora of music directors for her movie. It includes Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Pakistani band Rushk, Mothoon (Yeh Kasoor), Abdul Bassith Saeed (for the song “Hey Walla”). The songs “Hum to Harre” and “Abhi-Abhi” sung by K.K are already doing the rounds. The music of the movie is sure to be the chart buster of this season.

Sunny says it wasn’t difficult for her to play her part, as she plays the role of a porn-star, which is her profession in real life. She (Izna in the movie) is hired by handsome intelligence officer Ayaan (played by Arunoday Singh) to honey-trap a dreaded assassin Kabir (Played by Randeep Hooda). In the process she is forced to look back into her bitter past. According to the movie director Pooja Bhatt said that she had selected Sunny for the role with the same instinct which made her sign John Abraham for Jism.

It’s to be released on August 3rd and billion fans of Sunny Leone just can’t wait to see her performing on the screen. The film has got an ‘A’ certificate, which the producers aren’t a least bit worried about. It seems ‘Jism 2’ is all set to rock the box office.