Sunny Leone: The most alarming celeb

Sunny Leone, the Canadian actress debuted in Bollywood with Mahesh Bhatt’s movie Jism 2. The actress who made waves with her appearance in Big Boss is a well known former pornographic actress. She was named as one of the top 12 porn stars in the year 2010 by Maxim.

Apparently the name Sunny Leone is the most dangerous name in Cyberspace. According to a research done by McAfee (a security technology company) if you search the name Sunny Leone, it will lead you to malicious websites. These websites are designed to steal personal details and passwords of the user and will also infect the computer with dangerous viruses. The websites will not fail to rip you off all your information causing your computer system utmost harm. Therefore, we suggest you to search the name and enter these websites only at your own risk.

McAfee also researched to reveal the names of celebs, politicians and sports person whose name search in the virtual world is risky. The research revealed that Sunny Leone, this year out marked Katrina Kaif who won the title of the most dangerous celeb in the World Wide Web for the 2011 edition.

This year the erotic and sensuous actress ranks first winning the title with 9.95% chances of leading the users to click on harmful links. Whereas the newlywed diva Kareena Kapoor stand third followed by Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu. On the other hand, they found no other male celeb other than Salman Khan in the list. Salman Khan stood 8th among all the others with a risk percentile of 4.88%.

The Sr. Marketing Manager of India and South Asia, Lubna Markar said “The research was done over a period of a month and conclusion was made after analysing more than 25 Indian celebrities from different spheres. We had also used names of sports personalities in this research but the risk percent for them wasn’t as high as that for Bollywood actors.”

Thus it is found that the names of sportsmen, celebs and politicians act as a trap for the users to enter these dangerous and harmful websites.

Ankit Fadia, the cyber expert said “Since Bollywood and cricket have a mass appeal; criminals use celebrity names to lure people, especially people from small towns who are crazy. The best safeguard against any such practice is to always have an antivirus installed in your computer and update it regularly. Plus, I advise people not to click on dodgy websites and avoid downloading anything they are not too sure of.”

According to a cyber law expert Pavan Duggal users should have firewall alerts on their PC to update them about the derogatory website contents if any. He says “In the recent time, it has become a regular practice among Indians to visit pornographic websites, especially those of Bollywood actors. Often such sites are loaded with spyware and malware and that is the starting point of problem. Users should not access Internet from any unsecured website and should have firewall alerts on their computer that could update them about any unauthorized access.”