Sunny Leone shoots hot scene for ‘Ragini MMS2’

The movie, ‘Ragini MMS2’, starring Sunny Leone, Pravin Dabas, Saahil Prem and Karan Mehra, is a horror film with a lot of hot scenes by former Indo-Canadian porn actress Sunny Leone.

The Ekta Kapoor film features an orgasm sequence, where Sunny is seen simulating a prolonged orgasm scene on the sets of the film. During the shoot, most of the crew was asked to step out.

Reportedly, Sunny Leone calls it the “O sequence”. While a crew member was reported calling it “the confidential scene”.

According to reports, once the director called ‘action’, the ecstatic ‘aahs!’ and ‘oohs’ of Sunny Leone were heard from outside.

A report in the media said the crew waiting outside was clearly amused by the orgasmic screams. One crewmember was also heard saying, “Andar jaana mana hai. Sexy scene chal raha hai.”

Sunny Leone was quoted as saying, “You’re gonna have to watch the movie to find out.”

Sunny was quoted saying, “I just watched the film’s climax last week and I can say that with confidence this is something that has never been seen before in an Indian film. It is intense and scary. The only parallel that I can draw, if at all I have to do that, would be with Hollywood horror movies.”

Ragini MMS 2’ starts off where its prequel ‘Ragini MMS’ ended, which was about a young couple Ragini and Uday who visited an isolated house for a weekend and some creepy and paranormal happenings took place involving the two out there. Uday had planned to make an MMS scandal of Ragini in that house. But the MMS shot went viral and Uday went missing and Ragini after the incident became lunatic and ended up in a mental hospital.

The Ragini MMS scandal catches the attention of a filmmaker. He plans a film, where he casts a Bollywood actress (played by Sunny Leone) in his film to play the lead, Ragini. The film crew visits the same haunted house to shoot the film where the MMS scandal took place.

First song of the movie titled ‘Baby Doll’, a Punjabi song featuring Sunny was released on YouTube. The song received great response from viewers and also went on to become a chartbuster. Another song called ‘Chaar Bottle Vodka’ featuring Sunny with Honey Singh was released on February 25, 2014.

‘Ragini MMS 2’ is directed by Bhushan Patel and is slated to release on March 21.