Sunny bole, so nihaal...

<a href='//' title='Sunny Deol' class='article_display_tag' data-id='sunny-deol' id='article_tag_data_sunny-deol' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Sunny Deol</strong></a>Sporting a smart white shirt, denims and an attitude, Sunny Deol walks into the room. But the actor is nothing short of charming and diplomatic, except when it comes to defending the Deol clan.
He is presently dubbing for his next release, Jo Bole So Nihaal, in which he plays Nihaal Singh, a funny Sardar cop who ends up in New York. A tête-à-tête with the action star…
Where have you been?
It was a forced break, actually. I haven’t done much for a while because of health reasons (The actor has a severe back ailment).

What is Jo Bole So Nihaal like?
I play a small-time cop who is sent to America to catch a gangster to bring him back to India. It has elements of comedy and action; a complete entertainer. I have not played a character that is so light and who is thrown into situations that turn out to be funny. It was a nice change.

Apparently, patriotism seems your pet subject….
It’s nothing like that. When a film gets dubbed as patriotic, people say that the reason the film did well was because it had nationalistic pride and not because we did good work. So I’d rather not categorise my film.

Why haven’t we seen you in a negative role?
As an actor one is open to any kind of roles. A film is made if the producer feels it’s profitable. If there is a script where the producer feels that they want to take me as a negative character and it would be profitable for them, then I’ll be approached for it.

Rok Sako Toh Rok Lo and other films of yours have failed…
They were not my films, not Sunny Deol films. I just did guest appearances in them. You see, I am a person who is an easy target for criticism. I have never been praised for anything. Maybe I am the easiest target to be ridiculed because I don’t respond.

It is said that your films work mostly in rural areas and the north.
I would disagree. A film like Indian worked more in the metros. It’s unfortunate that we don’t talk about our laurels and people take it for granted. That’s one drawback we Deols have.

What are the other films you are doing?
I have got loads of films on hand. There is my home production, which should be released before or on Diwali, called Deodhar Gandhi. Then there is Kawach and Kafila. Then there are some that go on floors in a little while.

What’s Deodhar Gandhi about?
It’s very difficult for me to say right now because it’s not on the mode of release. In short, it’s a middle class family film with their problems and how they go about it.

Prithviraj Chauhan… are you still doing it?
I am doing Prithviraj-Samyukta as long as there is somebody producing it. The actor, actress and director are ready if a producer comes up.

There was clash over Bhagat Singh and now over Prithviraj as well.
I do not know about these clashes. I am not interested in them. I know that I love this character. I have been working around it. Ever since I joined this industry, I wanted to do a costume drama. Unfortunately, because it’s a heavy budget film, producers are not very willing to back it.

You said that Bobby Deol suited the role of Bhagat Singh best. Then why did the other Bhagat Singh movie (with Ajay Devgan) do better?
Bobby did suit the role best. As for the other film, it didn’t work any better than our version. That’s what their PRs say. If you want to see the box-office records, come to my office, compare our collections with their collections and then tell me what the fact is.

Abhay’s film Socha Na Tha didn’t run. Do you think he should’ve had a better debut?
I think it was a great film. If only junk films run, I can’t help it. I haven’t come across anyone who didn’t like the film.

He has started with a romantic film, while Deols are known for action. Comment.
This Deol trend of action films that everyone talks about is silly. Haven’t they seen Dad’s earlier films? Were they action movies? Being Jats, we come across as manly, so people appreciate us more because they see us as men who are capable of doing something. So that’s a tag that we have and we are proud of that!

Courtesy: Mid-Day