Sunil Grover’s 'Mad in India' failed to impress

The comedy show Mad in India was focused as the show of Sunil Grover after his break from Comedy nights with Kapil. The show was an obvious competition to Kapil’s show, but the first episode was highly disappointing. Taking into account the adverse reactions and comments to the show, Star Plus and the producers of the show have gone into the damage control mode. The second episode have already been shot with Govinda and Karishma Kapoor. So, these changes will be implemented only from the third episode.

Talking about why the show was such a disappointment, one leading website said, "The show was marketed and promoted as Sunil Grover's vehicle. But in the edited aired material a lot of Sunil Grover's 'Chutki' material was gone." As the blame game continues, a source said, “In fact Sunil shot a lot more footage for the first episode. Close to 150 minutes of unedited content was filmed for Episode 1. When it was pruned down to 45 minutes of edited aired material a lot of Sunil Grover’s ‘Chutki’ material was gone.” The source continued, “Grover ki bhi galti hai. He didn't want to be the protagonist of the show. He wanted it to be an ensemble comedy show so he could share the platform with his colleagues. The show was split into two halves, a celebrity chat and the comic skits." 

Grover himself acknowledged that the show had failed to hit the right notes. "But that also has to do with the heightened expectancy level. People expected too much from us. And yes I deliberately decided to downplay my presence on the show. That was a mistake. Because we advertised the show as my show. We've already shot Episode 2 with Govinda and Karisma. The changes will be apparent from the third episode."

The show started well enough with the grand filmy entry by Manish Paul and his looks as well as the perfectly timed punch lines hit just the right note. However, things went downhill from there. Sunil Grover as a corrupt politician failed to elicit a single laugh. Shweta Tiwari was also sorely missed in the show. Sunil as Chutki made quite an effort to salvage the show, but frankly, the show lacked all the jazz and the madness that was expected from it.
The third episode is expected to showcase the changes. Shilpa Shetty will share beauty tips with Chutki in the episode.