Sunil Grover shoots for ‘Comedy Nights’ again

Noted TV comedian Sunil Grover is set to return to the show that helped him become popular among television audiences. After a hiatus, Sunil Grover will return to ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ shortly. The shooting for his returning episode has already been complete. However, as reported previously, he will not be resuming his original character of Gutti. He is set to return as the father of Manju (played by Sumona Chakravarty) and father-in-law of Bitto Sharma.

Some photos captured from the sets have revealed the look of his new character which is quite funny with unkempt hair and shades. He is seen carrying a chained iron trunk in hand and a ‘jhola’ on the shoulder. A source close to the show has revealed, "The viewers will see Sunil as the stubborn and obnoxious father-in-law of Bitto Sharma. Bitto keeps on ridiculing and deriding Manju's father all the time. This time it's Manju's turn to even the score with Bitto with her father by her side. He'll do insufferable things like - keep his torn slippers in his bag and throw it at Bittoo, spit in his own shirt pocket etc."

During the initial days of the show ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’, Sunil’s girl character Gutti was one of the main attractions of the show apart from the host Kapil Sharma. Gutti became very popular thanks to her high jinks and monkey tricks. But around the end of last year, he left the show. Reportedly there was some problem over remuneration and a new contract. Rumors of conflict with host and producer Kapil Sharma also surfaced.

In an interview last year, Sunil had said, "Since my contract was getting over, I started negotiating with the channel and what followed left a bad taste. But I was simply asking for hike I deserved…” After leaving Comedy Nights, Sunil went to another comedy show but it was not successful. Also after Gutti, new characters were introduced to take her place but while they were popular they could not achieve the same level of popularity. However all that seems like a thing of past now as Sunil has signed a new contract. A source said, "It's a win-win situation for both Kapil and Sunil. They rocked as a combo and there is no reason why they should not repeat their act again." Kapil on the other hand had said last April about Sunil, “If he wishes to come, then he is most welcome. I never wanted him to go either, but it was his own decision."