Suhana helps dad Shahrukh to quit smoking

Shahrukh Khan has been a chain smoker from the past. Several times he was fined for smoking in public place and even his family is highly disturbed with his bad habit but now he is destined that he will soon get rid of this bad habit. He has currently cut down to six to seven cigarettes a day. Helping him in his endeavor is his little daughter Suhana who doesn’t like her father smoking the butt.

As reported, "I have come down to six to seven cigarettes a day," Shah Rukh said. It is daughter Suhana who is helping her dad kick the habit.

"Today, when I was leaving home she wasn`t happy to see me carry a pack. But one needs time to even give up a habit you have developed for so many years," says the ‘RA.One’ star.

"Actually, I am sick of carrying cigarettes," he says.