Stellar roles for action heroes

Action packed potboilers have always been one of the chosen domains of Bollywood; with producers reaping extensive mileage from action oriented bonanzas. Ever since the time of ‘Sholay’ down to the time of ‘Rajneeti’, quite a few action based formula clicked well with the audience. To assess the current scenario, a spate of action centric entertainers is waiting in the wing with the revival of stellar roles for action heroes.

1. Salman Khan
Salman Khan















With his mesmerizing eyes, height and consciously maintained muscular built, Sallu mia undoubtedly tops the list of action heroes. Following a series of romance and romantically comic roles, Salman was brought back into the action oriented genre with ‘Wanted’. It was soon to be followed by ‘Dabbang’ which made its powerful mark as one of the leading action oriented entertainers. Besides making a number of box office records, ‘Dabbang’ provided   needful boost to Sallu mia’s career. Besides the already released ‘Ready’, soon to be released ‘Kick’ & ‘Bodyguard’ will also  feature the lovable actor in action centric roles.

2. Ajay Devgan
Ajay Devgan










Quite in tune with his roughly masculine looks, in addition to a well maintained brawny physique; Ajay Devgan does abundant justice to the concept of action hero. ‘Singham’ featuring Ajay Devgan is supposed to be an archetypal action formula, containing the director Rohit Shetty’s trademark elements. So with ‘Singham’, audience with a penchant for such high flying punch will freak out on the signature blend of the director and the actor.

3. Shah Rukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan










Bearing in mind the latest inclination towards action, the versatile actor-producer Shah Rukh Khan is all set to strike with two of his action packed bonanzas’ Don 2’ and “Ra One” revolving around the proverbial Badshah also belong to the mentioned domain of action. While former is a sequel to slickly vibrant Don ; “Ra One” also featuring SRK is supposed to be a stylish science fiction. It remains to be seen how it fares in the existing scheme of things.

4. Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan















With ‘Krish2´and the remake of Agneepath, the star performer Hrithik Roshan will also be seen essaying action filled roles. Made as a sequel to Krish, ‘Krish 2’ will portray the star in the garb of a superhero; while in Agneepath he will be toe the lines of Big B as the film happens to be a revised version of the previous one which had Big B in the lead.

5. Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar












Interestingly, jovially vibrant action hero Akshay is undergoing special training in karate so that he does justice to his pivotal role for the film ‘Rowdy Rathod’.

It will be interesting to observe, the combined effect of the mentioned high voltage formula on the audience, with the return of heroes specialized in the said domain.