Star Plus clarifies Rakhi-Abhishek's allegations

Mr. Keertan Adyanthaya, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Star Plus:

"This is just a publicity stunt. This jodi is using the media for their own nefarious purposes. They are making allegations against Star Plus without any basis or a shred of evidence. It's a ploy for them to remain in the news. They have still not contacted the channel or the producers directly with any issues they have, but are using the media. These are all just hollow allegations.
They are nothing but poor losers, I feel sorry for them that they have to resort to such public pleading to remain the news. It's a case of "grapes are sour". As far as we are concerned, the show ended on Saturday night, but it looks like the show and its associated glitz & glamour are hard to leave behind for some people.

As far as the Police case goes, firstly, it is not a case against Star Plus but against some un-known parties who have allegedly voted using some software. The case is based on a newspaper report and not on any rock solid evidence. If the Police do decide to investigate, we will co-operate fully with them if they approach us. But I don't think the Police will be misled into investigating such frivolous cases.

We expect a public, unconditional apology from Mr Awasthi & Ms Sawant."