SRK will not sell KKR

After the dismal performance of Kolkata Knight Riders, speculation has been ripe that King Khan will sell his team and that he is in talk with Nokia, the Anil Ambani group and Sahara about disposing his team. But Shahrukh Khan has denied any such development and according to his public relation agency as Shahrukh had invested a good amount in KKR and as he is emotionally attached with his team, he can’t think of selling it.

SRK is under an agreement to pay a sum of Rs 300 crores to the Indian cricket board over 10 years. In merchandising and business, KKR’s position is good enough. There are many groups that are ready to buy KKR at high strake. 

Indias communications director Abhijit Sarkar was quoted as saying, "We have not been approached by Shah Rukh Khan yet. But if he does, we would be happy to buy the team".

D Shivakumar, vice-president and managing director (markets), Nokia India, sent a text message saying: Shah Rukh Khan will keep the team. Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communications however declined to comment as he is more interested in buying the Newcastle United football team.