'SRK was my first and last choice'- Farah speaks about Main Hoon Na

<a href='//www.bollywoodmantra.com/celebrity/farah-khan/' title='Farah Khan' class='article_display_tag' data-id='farah-khan' id='article_tag_data_farah-khan' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Farah Khan</strong></a>What kind of film is Main Hoon Na?
Actually I have tried to make a typical Hindi film - a Formula Film as they say, which has been my favorite. Filmmakers like Naseer Hussein, Manmohan Desai used to make such films. So I have tried to make such a film where you have...
...everything, Mother, half brother, blind father, dance, drama, action, emotion, etc. Totally entertaining film.

As in our film industry we have female directors usually making very soft kind of movies. But there is lots of action in your movie?
Actually at the script level we had planned the action. Here the action is along with the drama. And I never knew it takes so much time to do action scenes. Being a very impatient person, i used to scream like Jaldi Karo Jaldi karo. Here for one scene you have to take 30 shots, I was not expecting that. I thought it would be like song. I will go and within 4 days, complete 4 minutes of dance. But for 4 minutes action shot, it takes 10 days to shoot.

You have made so many actors dance to your tune for so many years. How much did you make them dance in acting?
I think I have hit Zayed. I was always hitting, kicking, pulling him, as he was my most favorite. Shahrukh was working with me on the script for almost a year. He knew the character very well. As I had written this script 2 years ago, I knew very well how would Suniel turn, how will Zayed walk, how will my dancers dance in the background. I had the whole picture clear as to what I wanted. But of course every one was too spontaneous and if they had anything more to offer they were welcome to do that. I shouted a lot on Zayed. I would say nothing to Amrita as she used to start crying and her make up used to drain. I have been very nice to her, Sushmita, Suniel & Shahrukh. I never had to say them anything. All the rest in the cast were my seniors - Naseerji, Binduji, Satishji, Boman Irani so I had to be extra polite to them. In my next movie, I will take only youngsters so that I could hit them.

What would you say about the music of the film?
I am very happy with the music and in my opinion it is Anu Malik's best music till date. It's really something that all of us have done from the heart. Javed uncle has done a lot of hard work and with lots of love. They really treated my film as a special film.

Which is your favorite song?
My favorite song of course is the title song. But I am partial to all the songs because I sat and made them with Anu and all.

Being a choreographer do you have dance songs in the movie?
Yeah, there are many dance songs in the movie. Despite having lots of action in the movie, there is lots of dance and music.

So apart from the dance and song what's the strong point of the film?
The story is the strong point of the film. It's very unusual and a strong story. And I think if the story is not strong, no one will come to watch the movie again and again.

What inspired u to become a director from a choreographer.
Actually when I started my career ten years ago, I wanted to be a director. I was assisting Mansoor Khanji. It was not that I wanted to become a dance director and so I turned a choreographer. It's just that life has a way of taking you wherever it wants. And I became a choreographer by default. Then I was doing really well in this and I did not want to leave it. But that feeling was always there, that I want to make my own film. So finally I decided I would cut my safety net out and take the plunge. And I am very glad that Shahrukh gave me the chance to do that.

Was Shahrukh your first choice?
Shahrukh was my first and last choice.

Was there any criteria for selecting the stars in your film as to they should know dance or not?
To a certain extent I knew that it was a dance heavy film. So if Amrita and Zayed couldn't dance there would have been problems, as they had to dance in the songs. However I had given them one-month practice. And my first song, which is their introduction song, was shot in one take. We had got hundred dancers and wanted no cuts. So once the song started, they had to complete the song and fall or faint or what ever they wanted to do. It was very important that they knew dancing.

It's your first film. Which are your memorable moments of the film?
As Shahrukh and we were discussing I would never get a chance again to make my first movie. It's like your first baby. It will always be special. Also I had lots of advantage like my cast and crew were nice to me as it was my first movie. So I had the best experience of my entire 12-year career while making this film.