SRK to promote Sprite

‘Pepsi’ which Shahrukh Khan has been endorsing from decades has dropped him due to his increasing age. He last starred in Youngistaan commercial with Deepika and Ranbir but gradually the Cola Company started feeling SRK mounting in his age and that he is too old for the ad which basically appeals to the young generation. They did not renew the contact with him. To their decision, Shahrukh did not comment anything and accepted their rejection with a smile. Now he has given the appropriate reply to the Cola Company as he has joined hand with a Coke brand, Sprite.

In the new Sprite ad, we will get to see the Kolkata Knight Riders captain Sourav Ganguly acting alongside King Khan. The ad will be aired during the IPL season. Now that Pepsi do not have any Khans, they are repenting.

Shahrukh Khan has taught them a good lesson and now they are crying on their decision.