SRK- “I was shy at first to go bare chested”

Shahrukh Khan is the new hunk on board with his new toned up six pack abs body. The actor will be seen without his shirt and bearing his upper torso for a song in the film Om Shanti Om. However SRK does admit “I have never done this kind of thing before, so initially I felt a bit odd. I was shy at first, but then people joked about, so I was fine.” Shahrukh also admitted that it was the creative people who felt that his going bare chested would add to the film and so he just did it for his character. He says “Om Shanti Om is a film is about stars in 2007-08, where everybody has a good body so it's a part of the character.”
SRK has worked really hard to get his six pack; he says “It took me two and a half to three months. I have been working out for the last three years. I worked on my abs in London quite a bit and controlled my food.” Shahrukh claims that now that he has toned up is body, he wants to maintain it too he says “Yes. I would like to retain this buffed up body and abs.” However he is more comfortable maintaining a fit body by playing games like hockey and soccer. Shahrukh has also taken tips from Hrithik, Salman and even Sanjay Dutt on working out apart from his trainer Prashant. Shahrukh also feels that he will never remove all his clothes for any role as he is very shy, he says “No. I will not do anything I'm not comfortable doing. I know I'd be uncomfortable doing certain things so I don't do them. I feel the same way about lovemaking and kissing scenes.”

However Shahrukh does not feel that he has morphed into a sexy Greek God overnight, he says “I am not vain. If a look works for a film it's fine. I won't do photo-sessions or ads without my clothes because those are not roles I am playing. Being bare-chested is not a part of my USP.” Shahrukh maintains that his family likes his new toned up body, especially his son Aryan who had earlier considered him to be a good actor but was aware that he did not have a good body like Salman, Hrithik etc. However SRK is not naïve to draw comparisons with other actors like Salman et al in the film industry. About comparisons with Sallu’s body, he says “There can be no comparison with Salman. He's the godfather of bodybuilding — rather, the Dadasaheb Phalke of body builders in India, as he made the country aware of body- building. I am not as good as he is.” Shahrukh feels that Hrithik, Salman, John and even Arjun Rampal look good bare chested on-screen. So looks like SRK is now going to give the young actors a run for their money even in the physique department. Way to go SRK!