SRK gets emotional, wishes for a part 2 of JTHJ

Jab Tak Hai Jaan” has been grabbing eyeballs ever since the idea had only developed. At that point in time the name of the film also had not been decided on. One only knew that the film was to be directed by Yash Chopra with Shah Rukh Khan in the lead.

The virtual world came to a standstill when the trailer of this film had released. The film stars Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif in the lead. It was to be the last directorial venture of Yash Chopra. However, what remains a sad event is that the filmmaker untimely deceased last month due to multiple organ failure and dengue.

However, as Yash Chopra was always known to be a man who celebrated life, this film’s premiere will be organized as a befitting adieu to this legendary filmmaker.

Shah Rukh Khan and the two female leads, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma are now busy promoting their film with full gusto despite the misfortune.

Katrina Kaif in an interview recently was quoted as expressing her feelings about she being “the last quintessential” heroine of Yash Chopra. She said “It was something I always wanted. Now it kind of seems it was in my destiny.” She added to this describing her character, “Meera is a strong woman who knows her mind but at the same time is very idealistic and dreamy about the concept of love.”

Shah Rukh Khan explored the love theme of the film “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” saying, “The reason we always find that Yash Chopra love stories are different is because they are not just love stories.

He said to me, ‘I make stories on emotional, personal relations’.” He continued saying “It is a film that’s a little different. It has a new obstacle, which I don’t think I have seen in a film.

Love stories and human emotions are always complex.”

The stars associated with this film now are obviously emotionally inclined towards this film for the great loss of Yash Chopra and also finds it overwhelming to believe that they got the opportunity to work with him in his last film.

Shah Rukh Khan at an emotional moment, in the interview went ahead to voice his feelings about the way he feels attached to this film. He said “I wish we could make part 2 of the film”. The statement noticeably registers his state of mind regarding JTHJ.