SRK gets candid on his 42nd birthday

SRK has just turned 42 years, but he has the zest and energy of a teenager, he has spent 18 years as the bollywood badshah and is still keen to remain so. On turning 42 years SRK says “I feel more stronger and enthusiastic today. Age has become merely a number for me now.” However on his birthday, instead of anticipating gifts, SRK has done the reverse and gifted good friend and Om Shanti Om director Farah Khan a Mercedes Benz.

SRK and Farah Khan saw the first copy of their film Om Shanti Om together a few days back, and SRK was extremely satisfied with the way the film has shaped up. Hence to show his gratitude to his good friend and director, Shahrukh gifted Farah a brand new Mercedes Benz. An excited Farah says “He is very happy with the film. But I really wasn’t expecting this gift so early. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he gave me the keys of the car.” In 2004, when Main Hoon Na, Farah and SRK’s film had released, Shahrukh had gifted Farah a Hyundai Terracan and now a Mercedes Benz. However about SRK receiving presents himself on his birthday, with his trademark humour he says “My friends can be very cheap, sometimes they don’t give me good presents.” However SRK does not feel any different at the age of 42 years, in fact he says “I don’t look at age as a reason for making more intelligent and wiser decisions. It’s been 18 years and people say I have been the king of bollywood and I like it. I am not pompous but I don’t know how it feels not to be successful. So I don’t know how it’s not to be the king of bollywood. I feel it’s my birthright now.”

On his big day, when thousands of his fans will be praying for him, King Khan himself has not made any special plans for the day, he says “we like calling close friends over and then head out to a restaurant. I don’t like going out that often, but on my birthday I’m forced to go out.” Shahrukh claims that he has got some nice memorable presents; he says “Last year Karan got me a computer, a friend of mine gave me a Louis Vuitton bag, Adi gave me a camera and I got some really nice pens from Amitji.” However SRK does not expect any presents from his wife and kids. He jokingly adds “My wife is very cheap, she doesn’t give me anything. She says that she has given me the kids. My daughter wraps up tid-bits from the house and makes a beautiful card saying ‘I love you, papa, Happy Birthday. My son doesn’t gift me anything; he just comes up and says ‘Happy Birthday.”

The only ritual that SRK practices on his birthday is praying to his parents and thanking them for their goodness and blessings. SRK says “I thank them for having given birth to me. I pray for my family, my sister, my wife, my children and my friends.” SRK reminisces about his childhood birthdays and says “We were never rich enough to waste money on birthday parties, but I remember my father giving me some of his old things.” SRK claims that most of his kids’ friends call him Shahrukh; he says “Not too many people call me uncle, but they will soon, I’m sure.” Recently at 42 SRK has even worked extremely hard and developed a six packs abs. So for Shahrukh life has come a full circle but it seems like he is still raring to go. Shahrukh says “Physically, mentally, emotionally I feel I’m still 26 years old, that’s when I had come to Mumbai. I still feel I have to work hard. I feel the same enjoyment that I did when I gave my first shot.” Meanwhile Shahrukh is extremely confident about his forthcoming film Om Shanti Om which will be releasing on Diwali.