SRK and wife Gauri generously distribute bonus cheques to employees

Shahrukh is very happy with the success of his entertainment company Red Chillies Entertainment and he wanted to share this success with all his employees. So recently SRK and his wife Gauri threw an impromptu celebration for all their employees and at the event apart from good food and drink, Shahrukh and Gauri gave all their employees bonus cheques. This was indeed an extremely pleasant surprise for all the employees as they were not expecting such a magnanimous gesture from their boss, SRK.
Shahrukh and Gauri invited all their employees from Red Chillies Entertainment as well as their other employees like cooks, drivers etc to be present at a five star hotel. When the employees got there, they were all surprised as there was a huge celebration awaiting them. A few close friends of SRK who also work with him like Farah and others also came to thank everyone for their co-operation. Shahrukh and his wife Gauri also thanked everyone for the success of Red Chillies Ent. SRK and Gauri had personally selected the menu of food and drinks. The highlight of the party was another surprise by SRK, when he began distributing bonus cheques to each and every employee present at the event.

A source at the party said “SRK is great, he decided to share the profits made by his company with everyone rather than just enjoy it by himself. This obviously was an extremely kind gesture and everyone was very surprised.” Shahrukh Khan has personally had a wonderful year as his different role in Chak De was first widely appreciated and now recently his film Om Shanti Om which he produced and starred in was quite a hit at the box-office. Hence SRK wants to share this success with his employees without whose cooperation this success would not be possible.