Sooraj Pancholi sent to police custody till June 13

Sooraj Pancholi, son of actor Aditya Pancholi, was arrested on Monday evening in connection to the suicide case of actress Jiah Khan. Monday evening Mumbai Police arrested Sooraj on the charges of abetment to suicide. "Sooraj was booked under IPC section 306 of Indian Penal Code and placed under arrest in connection with Jiah Khan suicide case," Additional Police Commissioner, Vishwas Nangre Patil said to the reporters. Sooraj will be presented at Andheri court in Mumbai on Tuesday.

On Monday at around 5 pm, Sooraj was arrested from his Juhu residence and was taken to the police station. Sooraj’s mother and his sister followed him to the police station in a separate car. However both of them returned by 9pm.

In her alleged 6 page suicide letter, Jiah has mentioned an unnamed person for causing her severe mental and physical torture and harassment with whom she was in a relation. Though the letter does not mention Sooraj’s name, Jiah and Sooraj were in relation for more than a year and his arrest came in wake of that very letter. Also Sooraj was the last person whom Jiah talked to and exchanged messages with before she hanged herself.

Meanwhile, Rabiya Khan, deceased Jiah Khan’s mother held a conference at her residence on Monday and emphasized the point that her daughter Jiah committed suicide not because of the lack of assignments but because she was mentally troubled due to her failing relationship with Sooraj. Rabiya said, “My point is to tell you the truth. It is being said that she was depressed and had no work, but it was not the case." She further added, “She was attending at least three to four events a month. She was making money and was living comfortably in her house with two maids and even had a car and a driver. It was the insecurity that her love was not respected and recognized, that was killing her day by day."

Police is yet to verify the authenticity of the letter whether it was written by Jiah or not. According to the report, before her death, Jiah spent a night and the following day with Sooraj. Just before her death, she went to Sooraj’s place to meet him but he refused to meet her and then after coming to her residence, Jiah exchanged few messages and a call with him. Sooraj has deleted the details from his phone.