Sonu Niigaam regrets leaking of information

Prominent actor and singer Sonu Niigaam recently received a threat from Chhota Shaqeei – an aid of Dawod Ibrahim who is believed to be based in Pakistan. Niigaam have signed a contract of a world tour where he and other Bollywood personalities will be performing around the world. However, Shaqeel was pressuring him to sign a different contract with another individual. He threatened that he would expose Niigaam’s relationship with an influential woman of Delhi. The matter was brought to the notice of the police. A senior crime branch officer reported, "The gangster recommended a person's name and wanted Niigaam to organize the (world tour) concerts through him. We asked Niigaam to provide all the details and register an FIR. He is busy and we expect him to visit us soon."

However, Naiigaam has now expressed his regret regarding the publicity that this matter is getting. He has written an open letter to the media. Here, he talks about how he faced extortion threats way back in 2000 when he had first entered this scene. In his letter, Niigaam wrote, “The first time Chhota Shakeel threatened me through his man, was in 2000. I was merely 26 at that time, didn't know how to cough up the money that was being asked. Eventually at his behest, I made him speak to a family friend whom he'd address as Didi or sister, and ended up assuring me that I shall never receive a call from them. I was relieved.”

The letter continued, “People who belong to my category, cannot be understood so easily. Shakeel could very well ask me that if you do not work for money, why wouldn't you work with the person whom I want you to work with, and give me the discount I'm asking for? Fair enough question to ask!

The answer is when you reach a point when you are walking up the stage, and you have this feeling that you are going on a cosmic pilgrimage, and you have gratitude for the parents, dead or alive, of all the people gathered to listen to you, to bless you, to make you feel the chosen one, how can you work or perform under a threat?”

Niigaam however regrets the publicity the matter is getting. He concludes his letter with the following, “I can't be tied to a condition and then made to work. The only way to work with people like us, is giving us the freedom and space to grow and evolve, for only then shall we be able to give you all, an experience that will reflect the bliss that we ourselves experienced, while creating it.”