Sonu gets ladies undergarments from female fans

Sonu Nigam birthday bashFans idolize their favorite stars and to win over their heart, they offer then various types of gift items, love letters etc. But it is the first time that female fans have presented some ladies undergarments to their favorite singer Sonu Nigam.

It is well known that Sonu is very popular among girls has many female fans following for his looks, style and his singing talent. Today, he is the number 1 singer of Bollywood and has given his voice to many actors. His soft spoken nature and down to earth persona makes his fan crazy about him and his admirer in all possible ways tries to come closer to him. He left with wide eyes when a parcel of ladies lingerie with their phone numbers written on them came to HMV office in his name.

Sonu Nigam confirms of receiving those exclusive gift items and says” I am quite amused by the sudden transformation of my image”. He has a good number of fans and the HMV office receives all sorts of phone calls and love letters not only from India but from Pakistan, Bangladesh and many other countries. HMV recently released his latest album ‘Classically Mild’.