Sonia Gandhi displeased with Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt’s statement during the election campaign, “Congress killed my father” did not go well with the congress president Sonia Gandhi and she is upset with him. In a telephonic conversation that took place between Sanju baba and Sonia Gandhi, Mrs Gandhi expressed her displeasure for Sanju targeting her party is a wrong way. She told him that his family had always been a strong supporter of congress and she was disappointed by his statement against the party.

A meeting was supposed to take place between the two but a close source to Sanjay denies any meeting between the two. During the election result, Sanjay was in Delhi and speculation was ripe that Sanjay will meet Mrs Gandhi, the congress president.

A source informs, "Sanju didn't go to meet Madam in Delhi last week. He had gone for some personal work — meetings with people for his production house."

He was there to meet Amar Singh, who was unwell. Meeting madam wasn't part of Sanju's plans nor did he try to make an appointment with her. Also if Amar and he had gone to meet Madam at her residence, the entire media would have landed up there and it would become public knowledge."