Sonakshi supports Salman’s entertaining behaviour

Sonakshi Sinha has had a great 2012. She had many releases in the year and all her films did well, except “Joker”. “Rowdy Rathore” collected 100 crores at the box-office. “Son of Sardar” too did brilliantly well at the box-office.

Her last release for the year remained “Dabangg 2” that has been doing well at the theatres but has not been a big hit as “Dabangg” was. The sequel has been able to collect 60 crores though it was being touted that the film will cross the 200-crore mark. Salman’s previous release in the same year had been Kabir Khan’s “Ek Tha Tiger” that grossed 180 crores and thus the hype regarding “Dabangg2” was tremendous and it was also expected that may be this film will be able to set the record of crossing 200 crores. However, nevertheless the actress has only been benefiting from all her releases.

Sonakshi was brought into the industry by Salman Khan. She shed her plump for “Dabangg” that released in 2010 and since then there has been no looking back.

Everybody is aware of Salman’s habit of taking a dig at his co-stars, especially his female co-stars. Katrina has always been teased by the actor for her weak grasp on the Hindi language.

Salman also poked fun at Sonakshi’s eagerness to teach him to dance. His light-hearted and funny behaviour was also evident on the sets of “Bigg Boss 6” with the housemates and also his female guests.

Sonakshi has worked with the actor in two films- the “Dabangg” series- and thus she learned to take things in her stride while with Salman. She said that she does not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with Salman’s funny ways. In his defence she said, “I have known Salma since I was 18. He does it all in good humour. He does not mean any harm. So you might as well laugh along. After working in two films with him, I am now well aware of how he will react. He loves to take things lightly. Even on the sets he is a riot.”

Salman earlier had also come out in Sonakshi’s defence when she received flak for being overweight. He had then said, “Sonakshi could not have the body of a model in the sequel, as she plays a housewife who is three to four months pregnant.” He also said Sonakshi is unaffected by stardom. Such camaraderie between these two co-stars is commendable.