Sonakshi and Priyanka are rivals, refuse to shoot together

Sonakshi Sinha and Priyanka Chopra were apparently not too comfortable while shooting together for a commercial. Recently, they have bonded together for an award show and the endorsers felt that it would be really easy to get the two actresses together for the shoot. But when the time for the shoot has come they refused to shoot together.

Sonakshi and Priyanka have individually shot for the brand in the past and now the endorsers want them to shoot for the ad together. The commercial is about a beauty product. Both the actresses are linked to Shahid Kapoor and this might be one of the reasons for sharing cold vibes.  

A source says, "Sonakshi and Priyanka already endorse different products for the same company. But in the new ad, they star together. In fact, they were supposed to shoot an action sequence for it."

The crew had a tough time getting the actresses in the same frame. "The ad was shot a few days ago when Priyanka was in town.

Since both of them had bonded with each other at a recent awards gala, the makers of the ad had thought that shooting with them wouldn't be an issue. But on the day of the shoot, both actresses didn't come out of their vans for several hours and the crew had no choice but to wait for them.

They even considered shooting their portions separately but luckily, it didn't come to that and they somehow managed to get them to shoot together," says the source.

No matter how much the Bollywood actresses bond in public and call each other friends, in real sense they can never be true friends.