Soha is not shooting with Shiney Ahuja

Shiney Ahuja and Soha Ali Khan separately shot the pending portions of their film Accident even though the scenes required them to shoot together.  In 2009, when Shiney was arrested on the charges of raping his housemaid, director Abhijeet Chowdhary’s film ‘Accident’ was all but complete. Just two days of shooting remained and the film was stuck when Shiney was sent to prison and after few months got the bail.   
Producer Pritish Nandy and director Chowdhary arranged for Shiney to shoot the remaining portions of the film in Delhi as he’s forbidden by the court to enter Mumbai as long as his case is on. Hence, everyone expected Soha to fly down to Delhi for the shoot however she couldn’t. She says she couldn’t shoot in the capital because of “some logistical difficulties”.  
Not specifying theses difficulties, Soha, however, is thanking God that the film’s shoot is over and movie is all set to release.