Soha Ali Khan declares she is not ready for marriage

The spotlight had been on the couple Saif and Kareena for long with the media bombarding them with marriage questions. Now that the duo has finally tied the knot, media’s interest has shifted from the two to Chote Nawab’s younger sister Soha Ali Khan.

She was under the radar for her growing friendship with Kareena sometime back and now this. She has been dating Kunal Khemu since a long time. They met on the sets of the film “99” in 2009 and have been a steady couple since then. The rumors that are rife suggest that this couple has been planning to tie the knot next year.

When Soha was quizzed about this sudden development of story in the media, she said she is not ‘mentally prepared’ for her wedding and that her mother shares the same thoughts as her.

She said, “Everybody loves to marry off Bollywood celebrities. I have been facing this question a lot lately. Though I don't feel it's a pressure, but yes the media loves to ask me about my wedding.” She also divulged that there has been no conversation about her marriage plans at home.

She reasoned it out as to why she has no plans of settling down any time soon in the ‘immediate future’. She said, “There are no plans to get married as of now. I am young, I have a long way to go and I feel that I am not mentally responsible enough to get married.”

She spoke about her future endeavors at length saying, “I am good with him (Kunal) but I don't think it is time to tie the knot yet. I have signed a lot of films and that is going to keep me very busy till the end of next year. I don't think getting married is a priority for me right now. If you ask me, I am more concerned about my first out-and-out comedy role where I am playing a cop with Arshad Warsi in a film called ‘Joe Bhi Karva Lo’. We start shooting soon in India and Sri Lanka.”

Kunal Khemu will be starring in the film “Go Goa Gone” which is being produced under Saif’s production house. Soha also threw some light on the film saying, “After a couple of days, the film will wrap up. But I don't know when it will release. Getting a proper release date is like winning a lottery in this industry.”