Bigg Boss 7: Sofia Hayat makes shocking revelations

The British model turned actress caused quite an uproar in the glass house of Bigg Boss when she was inside. Now that she has been eliminated, she went on to make several shocking revelations about the various inmates of the house in a popular entertainment site. Sofia’s antipathy towards Armaan was easily seen on the show. In her interview, she said that the makers of the show are unreasonably supportive of Armaan for reasons best known to them. In fact, if not for Armaan, she would have loved to continue in the show.

“Armaan was giving me a difficult time and caused me a lot of stress in the house. It started with a small point of bargaining during the toy-making task and Armaan just escalated it. He called me a freak, a paagal. He was picking up on my anxiety which was wrong,” said Sofia. Asked about the ongoing romance between the four participants, she went as far as to say, while Kushal and Gauhar has the real thing going, Armaan’s feelings “could be an act put up for the cameras” and that “Tanishaa is a fool for making any place for him in her heart.”  At one time, a rumor was going round that Sofia have consulted a criminal attorney in order to take necessary action against Armaan for manhandling her and was only dissuaded by the makers of the show.

Talking about her experiences, Sofia said that she will miss Gauhar Khan and Kamya Punjabi. When asked about Ajaz Khan, she was not willing to give him much credence. Ajaz had started complimenting her face and figure immediately after Gauhar turned him down. However, Sofia said that she did not find him attractive at all. “He keeps praising all the girls, and I don’t take it seriously. He is not the kind of person I would date.” Still, he drew attention to her lips and Salman Khan proceeded to give it some notoriety by comparing it to a small red heart shaped couch on the 'Weekend ka wow' episode. “By saying that he gave an ammunition to Armaan, which offended me,” she said. Talking about the speculation that she got a lip job just before entering the show, Sofia categorically denied this saying, “That’s not true, I have been like this since my childhood and people are just jealous.”

Sofia though that Gauhar has lots of tenacity and could win the show. She thanked Gauhar, Sangram and Kushal for lending her their support.