Sofia Hayat files police complaint against Armaan Kohli

Till date, Bigg Boss was contained within the walls of the house. Ugly spats have taken a turn for the worse with singer and actor Sofia Hayat registering a police complaint against actor Armaan Kohli for manhandling her in the Bigg Boss house during the show, taking the drama to a whole new level.

Sofia was eliminated from the show last week. Her statement has been recorded at the police station in Santa Cruz, Mumbai. The police have not filed an FIR yet. She tweeted before leaving for the police station – Getting ready to go to Juhu police station to file a complaint against Armaan Kohli by 730pm. She later tweeted – police report done. I’m exhausted with today. Immediately after lodging a complaint, she was unable to leave the police station for a while as the place was surrounded by media persons.

Armaan is notorious in the Bigg Boss House for his quick temper and foul language. Similarly, Sofia is known for her spats and quarrels with other residents of the house. But the worst ones were with Armaan Kohli. Sofia had complained to Salman Khan during the show that Armaan had attacked her. She was upset and hurt. He never expected to be subjected to such humiliation, she said. ‘Armaan attacked me and it was difficult for me to combat someone as tall as him. He said I should fix my face and that I’m fat. Armaan’s behaviour was disgusting. It was a disturbing moment for me’, said a visibly upset Sofia. To this, Salman had advised her to walk towards Armaan whenever he lost his temper in order to make him back off. He hoped this would help her deal with such situations as long as she was in the house.

In the show Bigg Boss season7, Armaan Kohli has earned a bad name for his anger and uncontrolled outbursts. His profane language has drawn flak from both the makers of the show and the viewers. He is known as a work shirker during tasks to be performed by the members of the house. But what irked Sofia was his attitude towards women and the way he treated them. She pointed out the humiliation she received from Armaan was not expected or deserving. She feels he should have been evicted from the house long ago. We do not know how Armaan is going to react to this new menace. Watch out Armaan, because this time, it spells ‘legal’!