Snapshots: Sonam Kapoor zips Jacqueline’s bare back

Recently, Sonam Kapoor and Jacqueline are spotted in various events socializing. Friendship seems to be growing thicker between the two Bollywood actresses which usually not seen in the tinselvile. At the prestigious Filmfare Awards nominations party, the ‘Saawariya’ actress helped Jacqueline dodge wardrobe malfunction.

Both the beauties looked gorgeous in simmering wardrobe but something went wrong with Jacqueline’s outfit, her zip might have stuck, exposing her bare back but Sonam run to her rescue and zipped her back by covering her bare back.

Helpful Sonam Kapoor was spotted covering Jacqueline’s back to conceal a seemingly open back left exposed. Sonam saved Jacqueline to make any fashion blunder and rescued Jacqueline to caught media attention for wrong reasons.
sonam kapoor and jacqueline
sonam and jacquline
sonam and jacqueline