Snapshots: Shahrukh Khan’s happy moment after KKR win

Shahrukh Khan is over the moon after the stupendous victory of Kolkata Knight Riders over Kings X1 Punjab and he enjoyed the moment with his fans, team mates and his daughter Suhana who is King Khan’s lucky mascot.

Shahrukh dedicates his second IPL triumph to his new born, AbRam.

“I am really happy and proud of the team. My children are happy. I would like to dedicate this victory to my little baby AbRam, who has just got his KKR T-shirt! The win is as much of Gautam and the team.

“This time on the Hooghly we are going to dance, we will create issues on the roads in Calcutta. Mamatadi, we are coming back like we promised. We are the champions.

“But I’m sorry this time I can’t dedicate this win to the City of Joy… This one is for my little baby AbRam. But I am happy to bring the trophy back to Calcutta,” said Shah Rukh.

Shahrukh Khan showers praise on the players of KKR. “Everyone in KKR… be it Gautam or Manish, who won us the game today… We have a team that believes in itself. We are not flashy, we don’t have big names, we are a bunch who just goes out and does its job. KKR is just like me. Perhaps, I am a bit flashy because I have been working for too long and I can do somersaults. But yes, KKR is like me… cool,” he said.

Shahrukh also said good words for his opponent team KXIP. “I am not wearing the jersey of my opposite team. I am just wearing the jersey of the one an only person that I like the most in the IPL, Preity. In a way, her team is also mine.

“KXIP are also a great team. If I had to choose that I would like to play against and win the IPL title, it had to be KXIP because of Preity.

“It had been a stupendous performance by KXIP. I certainly believe they are the best team in the IPL. They played like champions,” he said.

The superstar said he is planning grand parties for the Knights. “The party starts from here. We will then move to Mumbai and then to Calcutta… It's going to be a long affair. My son is in London, my wife and daughter are in Paris and the little one is in Delhi. So I will have to celebrate the win everywhere!”

SRK said he was always confident his Knights would have the last laugh. “Even when they made 199, I knew we would win. But I wish I could win against some other team. I also want Preity to win the IPL someday. She is energetic and she does discuss her team and her life with me. Some would say it’s a Veer-Zaara moment, but I couldn't be that much sacrificial this time, so sorry about that (smiles).”
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shahrukh khan
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