Sisters endorsing the golden principles of PETA

Nigar Khan and Gauhar KhanThe PETA’s commitment to the cause of animals has been finding quite a few takers. It is good to find celebs across the tinsel and television world singing in unison to epitomize the essential principles of the organization; in its bid to protect animals from being used, worn, eaten and experimented. To go by the latest reports, the much celebrated Nigaar & Gauhar Khan have taken to endorsing the cause of animals.

The abject misery of being caged

Using the popular pedestal of ‘Khan Sisters’; the siblings embarked on showcasing what it feels being fettered and restricted within the impeding bounds of cage. The photo session had them restricted within the shackles of cage donning the stripped garb. 

Zoos- do they really protect and care

The instinctive urge for freedom is as ancient as the birth of civilization. It is as much necessary for you and me as it is for those with four legs. The Khan siblings take the cudgel on behalf of beastly creatures to have the instinctive urge put across in striking shades of gold and black. 

Confinement for  care or Shackles & abuse

Passionately sentimental about animals and their innate need for freedom, Gauhar & Nigaar have reasons to rave and rant about the infringing realm of zoo. Harshness to animals and birds within the protective confines of zoo is one of the miserable practicalities. While care blended with love gives rise to zealous nurture, ignorance and torture in the name of care and protection needs to be shunned by one and all.

Realities of the shooting

The shooting phased over a long schedule necessitated hours’ efforts on part of the committed sisters. The sizzling duo of Nigaar & Gauhar not only spent long hours within the petrifying bounds of an animal cage; but also had to sustain injuries in course of the exemplary photo session. After all, commitment, strain and dedication are the pillars of an undertaking geared to a worthy cause.

Sisters within their limited bounds

Gauhar had a valuable message to echo. Reiterating the shackling bounds of zoo and its oft repeated abusive ways, the Khan sibling was vocal about the essential inimicality of animal confinements to the cause of freedom. As one of the leading inputs of the ecological system, animals are as much necessary as any of the other inputs including men. Gauhar reminded about human responsibility to shunning zoo. Flora and fauna in their vibrant glory should rather be enjoyed from the original habitats than that from the zoo like confines.