Siddharth Relives Fame

Rang de Basanti famed actor, Siddharth recently made a blowing impact on the silver screen with his latest Tamil flick ‘Jigarthanda’ directed by ‘Pizza’ fame Karthik Subbaraj. The Siddharth and Lakshmi Menon starrer which has music by Santhosh Narayanan is a musical gangster story with Simhaa and Karuna playing the supporting cast.

The film was a hit! It brought about much fame and praise for the handsome hunk Siddharth, who was literally on the ninth cloud. Showering his praise on the director, Siddharth tweeted, "My phone keeps ringing. Haven't seen this kind of cult status since RDB ... Thank you @karthiksubbaraj for letting me support your vision. Been saying this film will be epic for a long time. @karthiksubbaraj is a gift. Cinema will treasure him always. As will we! #Jigarthanda."

"Simha deserves all praise and more, Proud of him. He made his big screen debut in my first production #ksy. Today he is the talk of TN:). Cinematographers elite club has a new young entry. The amazing Gavemic U Ary is the visionary behind Jigarthanda ... Congrats brother," he further added.

The film which released on August 1 after months of delay, has raked in over Rs. 10 crore at the Tamil Nadu box office so far.

For Siddharth, the dream doesn’t end here. ‘Jigarthanda’ will strike the screens again in its Telugu remake, known as ‘Chikkadu Dorakadu’. The actor reckoned his director Karthik and heaped praise at him at the teaser launch of the Telugu version.

"It is a beautiful film. Karthik is easily one of the most talented filmmaker's I've worked with in my career. He is very dedicated and sincere and in the next 20-30 years we will all be very proud of having worked with a filmmaker like him. There are the early stages of a genius in the making. It isn't exactly an experimental film. It's a proper masala film that is shot with a lot of panache," said Siddharth.

"For the first time in my career a Telugu film is going to release in two states - Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and I'm hopeful that the film will strike a chord with the audiences and will kick start a new success streak for me in Telugu," added Siddharth.

Read on! The Bollywood fans are in for a treat too! Rumours say that Karthik has been approached by Bollywood filmmakers to remake this film in Hindi. "I have received calls from a few Bollywood producers who have expressed interest in remaking the film in Hindi, but nothing has been finalised. I can't reveal more until anything goes on paper," the film's producer Kathiresan said.

Well..we hope the movie turns up soon! Great going Sid!