Siddharth Mallya dieting for Deepika Padukone

The heir of UB Group and the scion of Dr. Vijay Mallya, Siddharth Mallya is working hard and sweating out immensely to shed extra flab to get into shape for the dusky beauty Deepika Padukone. Smitten by Ms. Padukone’s beauty, Siddharth has taken vow to cut down weight and match to his ladylove. Siddharth who is bit fatty compared to Deepika has decided to cut weight to impress his lady. Deepika works out regularly and believes in maintaining a fit and fine health. Jr. Mallya going Dippy’s way to win over his gal.  

Deepika and Siddharth caught the attention of all during the IPL in which Dippy being a Bangalorean supported the Royal Challengers Bangalore. They camaraderie between them was very much noticed. They shouted and cheered for their team. Apart from cricket, both spend quality time in romantic places.  

Siddhu’s liking for Deepika doesn’t end with fitness regime only. 'Uff teri adaa' from 'Karthik Calling Karthik'is one of his favorite song and he often listens to it.

Well, a new love story is in the making!